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This is a place for general discussion about the books. I like to keep my books PG-13 (well maybe R with some of the gore) so if you could keep that the same here I would greatly appreciate it. 

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9 thoughts on “General Discussion”

  1. Great, that didn’t take long. Now if I can only get the link to click through to pre-order ‘Purgatory’s Shore’.

  2. Well I guess I’ll be the first to comment in general discussions!

    Awaiting the book, obviously, and hoping we’ll have a community as we did for the Destroyermen series (and, a series that I hope we’ll see some more of in the future, those fine men aren’t done yet).

  3. Is Courtney’s full World’s I’ve Wondered forward going to be in it’s finished form at the start of Purgatory’s Shore?

    1. I suspect (don’t know, of course) that Courtney’s World’s won’t come over with the Artillerymen. Different series, different way of doing things.

  4. I posted a comment on the last general discussions right before everything got reset. I hope it’s SOMEWHERE out there…

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