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This is a place for general discussion about the books. I like to keep my books PG-13 (well maybe R with some of the gore) so if you could keep that the same here I would greatly appreciate it. 

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  1. Great, that didn’t take long. Now if I can only get the link to click through to pre-order ‘Purgatory’s Shore’.

  2. Well I guess I’ll be the first to comment in general discussions!

    Awaiting the book, obviously, and hoping we’ll have a community as we did for the Destroyermen series (and, a series that I hope we’ll see some more of in the future, those fine men aren’t done yet).

  3. Is Courtney’s full World’s I’ve Wondered forward going to be in it’s finished form at the start of Purgatory’s Shore?

    1. I suspect (don’t know, of course) that Courtney’s World’s won’t come over with the Artillerymen. Different series, different way of doing things.

  4. I posted a comment on the last general discussions right before everything got reset. I hope it’s SOMEWHERE out there…

  5. near the end of winds of wrath two large booms were heard and speculation was they were from volcanoes. I think they were the atomic bombs dropped on japan. The time frame is right.

  6. Just finished Winds of Wrath. Totall enjoyed and very happy that you had Walker pull into Port with all the Fanfair. I can see the League and the Alliance still causing trouble for each other down the road. Really a great series and a great ending. Thank You!

  7. I think The Worlds I’ve Wondered might come out as a separate book

    Also I would like to see a series about SMS Amerika and her crew (Linermen, maybe?) in the future

  8. Hi guys. Sorry, I’m still having trouble with this new site. Used to be, when someone posted here, I was notified by e-mail and I could respond or quickly moderate the post. Not getting that. I hope it’s sorted out soon.

  9. Here are some pics of taylod and his version of the walker. Whenever he was writing deck scenes he would walk over and study it to keep from writing incorrect descriptions. The entire ship The bow section Where is the coke machine or is it the white block in back of the bridge The mid section The stern section

  10. I can see that Taylor has been around cleaning things up. bunch of comments gone. there needs to be a way to correct an entry to fix typos as I see I misspelled Taylor in my last post. and caught the spell correction in this one.

  11. Out of curiosity, since I haven’t got around to reading Winds of Wrath yet, what ships did the Grand Alliance capture from the League of Tripoli?

  12. I just read the Kobo preview for Purgatory’s Shore and can confirm that The Worlds I’ve Wondered is not at the start of it. Instead, the introduction to another Courtney Bradford book, Lands and Peoples, published by Library of Alex-aandra Press, is at the start.

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