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This is a place for us to discuss the various characters in my books. I like to keep my books PG-13 (well maybe R with some of the gore), so if you could keep that the same here I would greatly appreciate it. 

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  1. It’s back! Fantastic!

    I can only hope that Taylor has an archive of the old site with all the wonderful discussions.

  2. The end of Winds of Wrath left a number of things vague and open to interpretation, such as the future of a relationship between Abel Cook and Empress Rebecca. Do you think that there will be a relationship between them after the book ends?

    I can see why one hasn’t started yet (Despite Abel’s attraction to her). Both of them are quite busy and they haven’t had a lot of time together since they were marooned. And the little time they’ve had togher hasn’t really presented the opportunity to be alone for any significant amount of time. Get them isolated from other people for a bit.. And well something is probably going to happen.

    The other reason that neither of them started anything is that assuming the social conventions in New Britain are like I’d imagine, Abel would have to initiate any relationship or at least first date himself. And I think that asking a princess and later a queen on a date (even if you know them fairly well) would probably make even the most confident of us intimidated. However it seems like Abel is perhaps getting ready to make some moves based on him staring to the west at the end of Winds of Wrath. What we’ve seen of Rebecca’s thoughts on the matter indicate that she feels a bit abandoned by him and probably wants him as much as he wants her. Good for both of them is that Silvia will be pusing Abel forwards, maybe that’s just what he needs…

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